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About us

V E S T F O L D - U K U L E L E K L U B B

Contact and control are:
Chairman: Jan Erik Eilertsen tel 91301710
Musik Chairman Øyvind Sæther tel 48019639 - 33399760
E mail:
Secretary Tordis Madsen
Treasurer: Bjarne Andersen
Director: Nina Eriksen
Vara: Svein Syversen
Vara : Merry Matyasi
Selection Committee: Nina Eriksen
Selection Committee: Solveig Almelid
Scar. Committee: Kari Roe
Scar. Committee:
Scar. Committee :
Scar. Committee: Lars Tony Fevang
Solder Committee: Karin Pettersborg
Storekeeper: Dan Fredriksen
Editor: Oyvind Saether

Vuk is a member of Norwegian Viewing Forum.
Vuk associated Musikkens education association

Vuk enrolled in Grasrotandelen and you can support us by signing our org. No. 995 332 329 Your play cards with Norwegian Tipping. Thank you for your support. :-)

Ukuleleklubbens list of achievements:

Vuk takes gigs (when we have time). BIG and small. Price? From £ 2000.-
Vuk had maaaany gigs at retirement homes and the like from 2004 - until today.
Vuk has conducted multi open game nights at Fossnes Cultural Center.
Vuk has visited and opptrått Vise The hit "Songs by the Canal" in Telemark.
Vuk has visited and opptrått on NV show hits on Eidene. Tjøme.
Vuk has visited and opptrått in Ukulelestevne in Sweden (Lennart Foss) 2007
Vuk has visited and opptrått in Drammen show club "prune"
Vuk has figured in Tønsbergs magazine and other newspapers several times.
Vuk has been / played several times in radio program Østafjells / Vestfold.
Vuk has also been that staple of TV program Round Norway in autumn 2009
Vuk played by Espen Lind on stage in Oslo Spektrum during distribution of fiddler Prize 2008.
Members of Vuk have traveled on Ukuleletur to Ireland.
Members of Vuk has visited Ukulelefestivalen in Gothenburg in 2008.
Members of Vuk has been involved in recording of CD with Ukuleleklubben in Gothenburg.
Vuk has visited and held a concert together with Tbg byorkester autumn 2009.
Vuk was asked to perform in Norwegian Talents, TV 2, 2010.
Something we also did, and was voted out with flying colors in the 2nd round. We made show and it was fun to be part of.
Vuk arranged singalong evening at tønsberg Library April 2010.
Vuk has visited and opptrått on NV Deputy Treffet Holmestrand 2010.
Vuk was with the Norwegian Ukulelefestival Holmestrand 2011.
Vuk have played at the festival Bergenhus Fortress and the Bergen pier summer of 2013
Vuk has played for entertainment in all Vestfold towns, Tønsberg, Sandefjord, Larvik, Horten, Holmestrand, in August 2013 month
Vuk took a weekend in Stromstad October 2013.
Where played we at Bohus ferry and several places in Stromstad center.
Vuk was filmed again by NRK Tv2 in February 2015 for the program "Neighborhood"
Members of Vuk met Alex Roseen in Stokke and co filming of "Neighborhood" in February 2015
Vuk have played in Toensberg spring 2015.
Vuk was offered, was involved in Vestfold Talents April 2015
Vuk played at the Skagen festival in the summer of 2016
Vuk played on Colorline in the summer of 2016, and got a standing invitation to play on Colorline's ferries whenever we wish, anytime :-)
Vuk played at the Skagen festival in the summer of 2017
Vuk played on the Colorline ferry 2017
Vuk played for Tunsberg play - Sverretun in the fall of 2017
Vuk played at the Riggerloftet cultural site in Tbg. spring 2018
Vuk attended the Oslo Ukulelefestival summer of 2018

Vuk his repertoire extends from Jump Rock, Reggae, Evergreens and Barnesanger, and we also own compositions thing.

In the team we use mostly Soprano Ukeleles been ADF .noteq.H.
Among Ukulistene there are several types Soprano Ukeleles.
These include: Bruko, Kala, Mele, Morgan, KoAloha, Lanikai, Kamaka, Jam, RW, Gold tone, M. F.
Some also bought Ukeleles directly from Hawaii and Usa.
These are usually made of Koa wood that grows påHawaii.

Vuk also has a permanent bassist.
Bass: Torfinn Mikkelsen. Something we appreciate.

Oyvind Saether keeps Ukulelekurs spring and fall depending on how much interest there is. Please contact by email or tel 48019639 to 33399760 or see "frontage"
You will learn to play ukulele, and some music theory, + div other relevant info around ukulele.
Øyvind can assist with advice re. Annskaffelse of a good instrument and various equipment.

The musical leader handles sheets of text and editing so that each one builds up his own song book. We use very little notes. Mostly just anxiety.
Each member can attend the play / practice nights and performances / concerts to suit each individual.
There is no meeting obligation in Vuk. Ie come when you want and occasion.
We are playing anyway.

We also novice evenings for those who are new or others who may need some time or assistance to exercise. See almanac for play dates.

- Ukultele - Jan-Erik Eilertsen

- Beginners group - Chairman Jan-Erik Eilertsen.
Phone: 91301710
E mail:

Membership fees in Vuk are currently NOK 500.- per. year.

Reduced membership fees for new members after July month.

Member Account No. 1503 60 90445

Ordinary people, like you, who want to see what we are doing, is welcome to stop by on Tuesday's Game and practice evenings at 1830 to 2130, and you play any instrument. :-)