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14.03.19, 15:17
Øyvind Sæther: Hei Heather.

Hey heather You can search the Oslo ukulele orchestra on the face book.
They play in Oslo and know for sure if there are several groups
that you can contact.

Øyvind in Vestfold Ukuleleklubb
16.09.17, 10:15
Heather Tolfree: I am learning Norwegian and will stay in Oslo for a week from 18th September. I also play in a small ukulele club here in England. Do you know of any uke groups in Oslo I can contact? Tusen takk!
16.09.17, 08:26
Janet and Andy Curtis: Hello Everyone. We will be touring Norway in our motorhome in 2019 and would love to meet with you if that is ok? We both have ukuleles, but we are not very good! We will be in Norway in the winter, starting in March 2019, slowly travelling from Oslo to Tromso. We know it will be very cold and very dark. If you will allow it, we would love to come and join one of your sessions, please. Also, if anyone is willing to be our friend, we would be pleased to be in touch by email or Facebook - we don't know anyone in Norway, and it would be lovely to have some contacts before we arrive. Also, what songs do you play - we would like to spend time learning them before we arrive - we don't know any Norwegian songs and we don't speak Norwegian...but music and smiles are universal languages.
15.05.17, 16:00
Gunnar Stensrud: Hei.
Jeg har spilt ukulele i 5 år, og regner meg selv som ganske profesjonell. Kunne dere muligens vurdere meg som nytt medlem. Jeg er en glad gutt på 54 år som stortrives blant andre mennesker og elsker musikk. Vennligst kontakt meg via epost:
Hilsen Gunnar.
16.02.17, 13:51
Robban!: Flott side :)
02.03.16, 18:31
Ukuleleøyvind: Hei Geir. Beklager sent svar. I Ukuleleklubben har vi kun en slik Banjolele. Det er av typen Goldtone og den er kjøpt over nettet. Tror den kommer fra Usa. Det er ikke mic på den, men det kan sikkert monteres. Håper at du finner Ukulelen du leter etter. Hilsen Ukuleleøyvind
20.12.14, 21:09
Geir Sagerup Nordahl: Hei:) Mitt navn er Geir, og jeg kommer fra Salangen. (Indre sørtroms) Jeg har så fryktelig lyst på en banjolele, men finner ingen gode plasser som selger sånne. Vet dere om noen butikker man kan få kjøpt en slik. Vil helst at det skal være mulig og plugge den til en forsterker, så jeg kan bruke den når vi spiller for andre:) På forhånd takk:)
28.07.14, 13:18
UkuleleØyvind: Hey Paul.
It's nice to hear from you. Feel free to come by and play with us when you get the opportunity. We are located in Tønsberg, which is 100 km south of Oslo.
The venue is called Fossnes cultural center and you will find the date of our music nights in our calendar on our web page. Best regards Øyvind.
15.05.14, 20:34
Paul Levy: Hi. I'm in Oslo in early June on holiday and would love to pop along and say hello. My club is the Ashton Keynes Ukulele Strummers in UK.
15.04.14, 17:28